3 festivals in Germany you should definitely visit

Germans are not always considered as party people and I was reasonably surprised to find out that some of the best festivals for house music and contemporary performances are organized there.  To be honest, before visiting my first festival I was extremely skeptical, even though the list of guest DJs was more than impressive. But soon after I got in…well let’s just say,  there was no place left for skepticism and prejudices anymore. Whenever I travel to Germany I tend to carry the best travel jacket with me.



Germans might not really be the ultimate party people but they certainly know how to organize a spectacular, breath-taking festival. So, if you like me like good music, visual performances, laser shows and world renowned DJs, then just read on – here are my 3 favorite festivals, which you should consider visiting:



Time Warp was first organized in 1994 and celebrated this year its 15th anniversary. The festival is held at Maimarkthalle (fair center) in the town Mannheim, near Frankfurt am Main and is considered to be one of the most significant European festivals for electro music. But it is not just about music believe me! The organizers has turned the original music event into one-week festival showing innovative projects at the interface between electronic music and related art movements. There are also numerous workshops for amateur DJs and musicians.



And about the show itself.. Well imagine 5 massive, huge tents! Apart from 5 stages, there are also chill out zone and food&drinks zone, which believe me would save your life at 6 am. The DJs performing there are some of the most famous ones in the world, including: Sven Vaeth, Carl Cox, Magda, The Disco Boys, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Loco Dice and many, many more. And if the idea of some many renown DJs at one place is still not making your feet move, then let me tell about the lasers and performers. The best VJs, the craziest dancers, massive video walls…. And of course Sven Vaeth, who always is a guarantee for an unusual party.



Time Warp usually takes place at the end of March- beginning of April. It normally starts at 19:00 on Saturday and goes till the same time on Sunday evening. The ticket costs about 45-50 euro but it’s really worth it! There are bus lines (Party Buses) offering transport from few destinations in UK to Mannheim. Lost Souls is I believe one of them. The airport Frankfurt Hahn, to where the low cost airlines Ryanair and Wizzair fly, is also not far away from Mannheim and there is a direct shuttle bus connecting the two places.



The festival is so successful that there is a sequel at the end of the year in Amsterdam (this year it was on 4.December). Every year it is visited by a huge amount of people from Germany, Italy, UK and France, who travel (every year) to Mannheim especially and only for this event. Really, no words could explain how big and fantastic this festival is, you just really have to find out yourself!



Summer is the time for outdoor activities and this festival is the best way to enjoy a day out with friends while listening to good music. It has been organized for 15 years now by the same people who organize Time Warp, which is more than a guarantee for amazing experience. The one-day festival takes place at Mainwiesen Hanau near Frankfurt am Main and like Mannheim is easily accessible by bus, train and is near the 2 airports in Frankfurt.  It normally takes place in the beginning of July and as the organizers say : “15 years Love Family Park means 15 years of sun, 15 years of love, 15 years of summer soundtracks beneath a clear blue sky.”



The DJs are more or less the same but the atmosphere is completely different. It is outdoor and it takes places all day long, which means even if it rains.  No matter what the weather is like you have to be sure the event will be unforgettable or as Sven Vaeth likes to say: “Goodee Laune, Leute!” (Something like ”good mood, people”). And he is a guarantee for crazy, wild performances like in 2006 when because of the football craziness he was dancing on the stage with the German flag.



There are three different floors, spray showers, ok toilets and the organizers are trying to provide new “extras” every year. It is great that the Love Family Park ticket doubles as a ticket for all trams, busses and local as well as regional trains on the day of the event. So, get some friends, few beers, forget about Facebook and Twitter and go out for a day of great music, great fun and many cool people.



And now we are coming to the crown jewel- the festival for New Years Eve “Sensation White”. The festival is organized all around the world but I highly recommend this one in D?sseldorf in Germany. The tickets are about 80 euro and there are plenty of deals and hotel/travel packages listed on the website of the event.



The name “Sensation white” reminds us that everyone is dress up only in white (I know it does sound a bit like a religious cult, but once you are there you will see how brilliant the idea is). The number of visitors from all around the globe is counted in Thousands and just the view of all of them at one place is spectacular. Add to that the world classes DJs, top performers and the amazing laser show and you have the best New Years Eve Party. Just think of the countdown before 12o’clock, when all these people are counting and screaming with you, all the amazing features, fireworks and video arts that will accompany the welcoming of the next year!



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