Bangalore – Business City

Bangalore is an amazing business hub, a true multicultural city with all the current hustle and bustle. It is the perfect city to perform business meetings, seminars and conventions as its good for you weather and atmosphere are conducive for business goal.

Blessed with a backyards & parks, natural ponds, architectural landmarks, shopping department stores, the best restaurants and pubs in this part of the globe, work at home opportunities are abundant in this part of India. Indian startups stories

Bangalore is often said to be the center of the Indian I. T. outsourcing techniques movement, and has office buildings of many foreign technical companies as well as a number of local Indian tech startups, it is referred to as the Silicon Valley of India. 


Bangalore has a healthy and growing economy. It is home to over 10, 500 dollar millionaires and around 60, 000 super-rich people who have an isurplus of Rs. 4. 5 crore and Rs. 60 lakh respectively. As of 2001, Bangalore’s share of Rs. 1660 crore (US$ 3. 7 billion) in Foreign Direct Investment was the third highest for an Indian city. Bangalore is India’s fourth major and speediest growing market, with a per household income of Rs.. forty nine, 000 (US$ 1, 160)


Bangalore is a veritable melting pot of various races and nationalities. A dynamic city, with innumerable cultural events prepared every evening, Bangalore has a population of more than 56 lakhs. Besides Kannada, which is the official language of the state of hawaii, Bangaloreans are also more comfortable with British, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, and so forth.

Bangalore is known as the “Garden City of India” due to its greenery and the existence of many public parks dotted ‘s above the city. It also has many other nick-names such as Pub Town, Silicon Valley of India, Mini Subcontinent etc.

The diversity of cuisine available is astonishing and diverse. Roadside vendors, tea stores, and South Indian, North Indian, Chinese and European fast food are all very popular in the city. With its many pubs and bars, and as well as metropolis being the headquarters of United Breweries, company that gave you the popular Kingfisher Ale, Bangalore is a drinker’s dream.


Bangalore has various hotels from budget to the expensive. Pertaining to the business enterprise man there are many choices from which to pick. A good choice is the Ista hotel a mid-range hotel with all the necessary business facilities. It is situated conveniently near the city’s business and shopping centers.


Bangalore’s Airport terminal is India’s fourth most popular and functions as both domestic and international international airport and is well linked to several destinations in the world. Along with a new airport is also in the offing the new Bangalore International Airport, which is being constructed in the outskirts of Bangalore, geared to be inaugurated in April 2008,

Bangalore is also well linked to other country through the Indian Railways. The city is linked to Fresh Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad, as well as other major metropolitan areas in Karnataka. There is also nn intra-city fast rail transport system called the Namma Metro whichis being developed and is also expected to be operational this summer.

The city also has well developed roads and transport systems. Taxi services, three-wheeled, black and yellow-colored auto-rickshaws, buses operated by Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Company are the various means of public transport within Bangalore city.

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