Choosing Catfishing Reels

The moment deciding on the right catfishing reels for you, there are several things to consider. First you must know the three types of reels available to you. Then you need to know some of the lingo around those reels, so as to select the right one, you need to understand what the asking price will be and what gets you and then you should do some in store research. When that is done, you can read reviews online of some of the reels you saw at the shop and select the best one to try. best catfishing reels

Types of Reels

Generally there are basically three types of catfishing reels. You have your spinning fly fishing reel, which is for those expert anglers who want to have greatest control in tight spots, you have your baitcasting fly fishing reel, which is useful for both small and large catfish and it is the most frequent reel chosen (I put it to use personally), and you have your spincasting fly fishing reel which is absolutely simple to operate with limited control (for someone who doesn’t actually want to get into catfishing but wants to go out fishing a few times 12 months and sit by the inside side of the pond).

Terminology on the Fishing reels

This is actually the terminology you will hear and read when looking at catfishing fishing reels.

Your line capacity is how big of a fish your fishing collection is designed for.

Counterbalance is the ability to modify your spool based how much weight you are adding to the line. This kind of will help prevent backlashes.

The drag is actually happens when the fish is pulling away from you. The retrieve ratio is how fast and how much of your angling line reels in during each rotation of your reel.

The bearings, or sometimes in cheap models the bushings, is actually transforms the reel hence the higher the quality, the easier it will probably be to cast further.

A line alarm or a bait clicker informs you when you have a fish. Basically in free spool, it can get started a clicking noise when your bait is being pulled away from your boat.

And ultimately the stopping system. These are magnets that help speed up or decelerate your stove. This helps with backlashing.

Price Tag of a Baitcasting reel

A reel can cost between forty dollars to upwards of 3 hundred us dollars. When purchasing a baitcasting reel, I like to go middle of the highway because the lower end ones will cause you more problems and you want your catfishing experience to be good.


You have a few choices here. You can either research some different reels on the internet and then brain down to any local doing some fishing shop to check away the reels available to you or you can visit the store first and then read about the reviews online. If this is your first fly fishing reel, I suggest going to an actual fishing shop because there will be experienced people there to help you.

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