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The most used MMA competitions today are put on by the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). The UFC championships were at first built to test different martial arts fighting styles against the other person to be in the debate as to that has been the best. A argument that has no question been going on for hundreds of years. Even so these days many practitioners are actually masters of several varieties of martial arts and MMA is becoming almost a fighting type of it’s own, combining both stand up and ground fighting. Producing the UFC mare like a pure test of man against man rather than style against style. Even though undoubtedly that this development has many advantages and that any smart martial artist stepping in the emerald is best versed in a variety of techniques and skills. fight ufc

Some fighting techinques and fighting styles have distinguished themselves as frequent staples in MMA and the UFC and have shown to have very effective techniques when used in the octagon. How would they really build up in the street? Well which a different argument the one that isn’t probably be solved until true gladiator style nasty battles to the fatality were made legal. Thus let’s have a look at the most traditional styles observed in TRAINING FOR MMA today:

Boxing – Oftentimes referred to as the ‘Sweet Science’. Boxers utilize quick foot movements and technical punching with the fists.
Brazilian Jui Jitsu – Developed from the Japanese art by the Gracie family in Rio de janeiro De Janeiro, Brazil this martial art has proven one of the most influential and successful in MMA competition.
Judo – Also derived from Western Jui Jitsu is well known for it’s conducts and holds and is one of the few martial arts to be featured in the Olympics.
Karate – There are numerous well known varieties of karate, with Kenpo being heralded as the first ‘Americanized’ version of karate.
Kickboxing – Also one of the more popular styles in the UFC, numerous effective techniques for use in MMA tournaments. There are many styles including Muay Thai featuring elbow and knee strikes.
Wrestling – One of the planet’s oldest sports. There are a number of play fighting styles including the popular Greco-Roman and Freestyle styles of wrestling that use take downs and includes to subdue opponents without strikes.
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