Gas Comparison

To compare gas deals available where you live, you will need your postcode, the name of your present supplier and the name of your tariff. Additionally you will need to know how much gas you use each 12 months or month, this can be found out by checking your last few of gas bills. The more accurate your estimation is the more correct the results will be when you do a gas comparison. You will need to consider the following.

? Your postcode- where you live effects which companies you can go for. Your postcode is needed to be able to compare gas tariffs from suppliers in your area and get the best gas assessment. LNG news
? How much gas you use: The amount of money you can save switching gas distributor is determined by how much gas you use. This can be more accurately exercised by looking at the amount employed in your previous couple of bills. 

To get a gas comparison and finding the cheapest provider is determined by how much gas you utilize how you are billed and just how you pay your bills. Some gas suppliers give discounts if you pay your expenses by direct debit, take care of your account online or don`t receive paper charges. In addition you can get extra discounts if you take energy from the same supplier.

After you have done a quick gas comparison and chosen a new gas supplier your switch to your chosen supplier can be completed. You will need to give your new and old gas supplier a meter reading.

Tips on how to read your gas meter. The most common types of gas meter are digital metric, digital imperial and dial meters.

All gas meters display a sole four or five number showing the quantity of gas units you have used. You can actually work out how many units you have used since your previous reading by subtracting your previous reading from an up to date reading.

Your gas supply quantity: In order to move gas suppliers you will need to know your meter point reference amount (MPRN), also this is known as an “M” number. This is an unique number that is able to identify the meter at your property. You are able to find your MPRN on your gas bill. In the event that you are struggling to find your MPRN you can contact your current gas supplier or you can call the Meter Quantity helpline on: 0870 608 1524.

You are now able to do a gas comparison and find the cheapest supplier in your local area! Move supplier today and save money!

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