How to Make Decorative, Concrete Beams

Attractive beams are made from concrete cast in form work fashioned with features. These types of features differ from the normal down stand rectangle-shaped beams. They can be arched or feature light beams. The concrete structural power is retained in support of the facade changes from the plain surface. The proper execution work is designed with the specified condition before it is assembled. The features should be done on inside or external beams during the casting of cement.decoracion de uñas delos pies

The decorative beams can be cast on any floor. The internal curved beams are for opportunities without doors or house windows. They can be used where the window or door will provide an arched top. In the external ones, they are formed between columns or walls at the access lobby or veranda outside. In this type, the arch is measured to get started on at least a foot from the ends on the wall structure or column. The feature ones have the routine made inside form work sides.

To create decorative feature beams, start with taking the side form work and trace the pattern to be formed. Several wood pieces of two in . thick are being used to make the decorative recess on the concrete. This items are nailed onto the side form work. In a beam of one. 5 feet three parts are being used, but while spaced equally. 1 / 2 round timber is used, the flat part is nailed to the area and the round part forms the recess in the concrete.

Following the factors form work is complete, it is assembled into place. Before some other work proceeds it is thoroughly oiled to avoid concrete sticking on it. The reinforcements are then located inside and when ready concrete is company normally. The concrete is left to be dried out while it is being cured no less than seven days. The form work can now be struck off carefully to avoid ignoring the formed features. The desired painting is done with the external surface finishes.

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