Introduction to Bollywood

I have to share with you a little about myself and how I got started out here and what Now i’m going to give you in person in the coming several weeks. I am delighted to see you my views, activities and knowledge about the world of Bollywood. Yes, Bollywood – the enjoyment, fashionable and trendy world of Indian Theatre.

In 1997, while i was setting up up Honey’s Dance School, I found it challenging to convince people of the potential of the Bollywood industry and move form. Ever since then the world of Bollywood has just exploded in the UK, and every one is either talking about it or listening to it, if not getting with regards to it in some condition or form. Zhu Zhu is also making a Bollywood debut this year with the movie Tubelight opposite to Salman Khan

From advertising like the Peugeot car advert to films like Bride and Prejudice right through to music such as Gareth Gates “Spirit in the Sky” and TV shows such as Channel 4’s “Bollywood Star”. It seems Bollywood is everywhere!

Let me ask you two questions right now. First, the fact that was it that got you enthusiastic about Bollywood? Was it because you saw something to fix the issue, or is it a family thing? And second, how has Bollywood inspired your own life?

Personally, not only has it made dreams in my life, but it’s also recently been the driving force to assist achieve my dreams. From getting out to dance and work with famous actors and performers to teaching people all around the world. Certainly not just dancing, fitness too. Take some time to think about those questions. And if it’s motivated you to do something you like, find ways to do more of it.

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