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The Shield Nickel was created in the aftermath of the Civil War. Two events occurred that made the coin necessary. Earliest, the Civil War got caused hoarding of all silver and gold money. Due to lack of moving coinage throughout the war, the government commenced issuing fragmentary; sectional currency to ensure that commerce could continue. Also after the Civil Conflict, people were reluctant to spend their “hard” money and the actual unpopular fragmentary; sectional currency or “shinplasters” as they were called continuing to circulate. As a result, the mint was searching for a method to get coinage back into flow. The final influence was Joseph Wharton, the user of a huge nickel exploration concern and a very influnincial person with users of Congress. He experienced been promoting the employment of nickel in coinage for several years. Although the mint director, James Pollock, was in the beginning opposed to using nickel in coins due to difficulty of making coins from the very hard and brittle metallic. He finally submitted to the population pressure to offer an alternative to the fractional currency and the private lobbing of the nickel mining industry. ICO List

Type Information

The general type coin collector will normally obtain one example of the Shield Nickel. 

To get the specialized type or maybe collector two major types of the Shield Nickels were minted, one with rays on the turn back and one without. By 1866 until 1867 radiation were used on the reverse of the money to separate the 13 stars. During 1867 the rays were removed.

Extractor Details

Nickel was very difficult for the mint to work with due to hardness of the material. The coins continually out of cash dies and mint machines. As a result, the Shield Nickels are often poorly struck. Coins with sharp details are much more difficult to find and are often people paid much more than the values listed in the various price courses.

Shield nickels were arranged only at the Phila. Mint, and more than 126 million were produced from 1866 until 1883. The two rarest date ranges are 1877 and 1878, when only proofs were produced. Among business attacks, the years 1879-1881 are low mintage dates and worth large premiums in all of the grades. There are two overdates: the proof 1879/8 and the 1883/2 business strike.

Proofs were hit yearly and include one of the main 19th hundred years rarities. Only 25 portions are believed to acquire recently been struck for the 1868 Shield Nickel with light.

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