Testing The Tunturi C60 Elliptical Crosstrainer

The Tunturi Elliptical Trainer C60 is a mid quality crosstrainer that is made for the house setting. Tunturi is a Finnish company that is well known on the European continent. That recently changed and renovated its line of oblong trainers. Little information exists on many of the relatively recent models.beste pulsuhr

We all had the possibility to use and test the C60 elliptical trainer for about 15 days. It was purchased for home use by a family that is comparatively demanding of its exercise equipment. At about $1500. 00 it is considered to be in the the middle of to high priced oblong trainer. Tunturi elliptical teachers range in cost from $699 to about $2700.

At first glance the frame seemed to be well built and steady. We had previously analyzed earlier Tunturi elliptical teachers and located them to be less than expected. They were notoriously loud especially during powerful routines. Though the model 60 oblong trainer we used was surprisingly quiet until we reached the greatest levels of the aerobic exercise.

The compact console on the Tunturi C60 elliptical trainer was lower than expected. Issued we do spend a lot of time on the ProCor trainers at the area fitness center and so the comparison might not exactly be fair. The ergometer does provide enough responses to the user. The 8 relatively user friendly users should suit most home users but we chosen for our workout design. If there is any common weakness in all elliptical trainers it located within the electronics. Just time will tell if the Tunturi C60 oblong trainers console will stand up to the work.

Tunturi’s warrantee for the C60 elliptical trainer compares well with most mid range ellipticals. We are strong believers in extended warranty specifics which is especially true for new model produces. The frame is protected for 15 years, parts are covered for 3 if you register your warrantee on-line with work force,, labor force coverage of one yr. Extended warranties are almost always a great investment when purchasing fitness equipment. Often this is a negotiable item and can sometimes be purchased at reduced prices.

The Tunturi C60 elliptical trainer is made for home use but the average homeowner is not equipped to take care of the delivery on this equipment. At 350 bulky pounds a good dolly is required and it in case it is to be located on upper floors a staff of at least 3 people is required to site this machine. Help to make sure you contact your dealer, Tunturi and the shipper to find examine the true expense of delivery and set up.

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