Twelve Easy Steps to a Great Kid Party Video


1. Familiarize yourself with your camera by extensively reading the owner’s manual. A complete familiarity with your camera’s features will assist you to get the most out of your equipment and produce a more professional looking final product. videos for kids

installment repayments on your Charge your batteries before hand, one to record the action and a back-up battery as well. There’s nothing even worse than being out of juice when the get together action starts! 

3. Perform a sound and video check before filming the real party activities. Check for distracting noise which could ruin the quality of your video, such as air conditioning units, fans, televisions and radios. (The noise of the kids party will be quite enough! ) Take a moment or so of film, rewind and view it to make certain the camera is operating successfully.

4. Lighting is essential to an attractive and viewable video. When taking the shot, make certain that the major source of light is behind you. If the light is behind the subject, s/he will be shadowed. Situation yourself and your camera between light source and the subject.

If you have a sizable window in your get together area, pull the colours or curtains to ravage out background light. You can even keep bright backlighting out from the picture by keeping the camera zoomed in on your subject. You might also activate the “back light button”, if your camera has one, to lessen the window


5. Compose utilizing the zoom feature, before you start rolling recording. Set the buttons where they need to be in advance, so you have only to film the “on” switch to be well prepared to videotape.

six. Stick to the rule of thirds. Don’t place the main picture aspect in the centre of the screen. Situation the camera so the focal point is in the top or lower third of the viewfinder. Be sure to keep the tops of peoples’ heads near to the the top of viewfinder.

7. Continue to keep the background simple to minimize visual distractions. Steer clear of shadows and other items that may appear to “grow out of peoples’ heads”.


8. Get started your video by declaring the birthday event and date. Continue narration as it progresses; interviewing friends and talking about the party games, food and other party subject areas will make a more interesting video.

9. Make sure to hold the camera steady while filming. Carry your elbows near the body and avoid walking around. Imagine your camcorder is a full cup of joe you don’t want to leak and move accordingly.

twelve. Keep your average shot length at approximately twelve seconds. This means keeping the shot steady without panning or zooming for a count of 10. Count quietly to yourself as a reminder, until you refine your approach. Similarly, when you do pan or zoom, do so slowly to stay away from the videocamera going out of focus.

11. Set up the videocamera on the tripod to record ongoing occasions when party action is set in one location, such as at the party table for dessert and ice cream, or when guests are accumulated together for the starting of gifts.

This approach gives the viewer the angle of being a “fly on the wall” with a panoramic view of all the get together events.

12. Capture honest occasions by being off traffic in your filming. Tiny “snapshots” of unposed occasions the best video remembrances.

Let shaky videos and shaken confidence become a thing of the recent. The more you practice these 12 easy steps, the greater the quality of your kid videos. Whether documenting a birthday party or other special event, your videography services will soon be in popular!

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