Wrecker or Builder?

I recently came back from a teacher’s retirement banquet in one of the large school districts in El monte. I was invited to honor my friend who is retiring this season. Although I was glad to be there, I was blessed beyond what We had expected. Hearing the stories of teachers and principals who influenced hundreds of children in their 30 or more a lot of service was refreshing to my heart. No one would have survived all those years of service merely for money! Zero one! Impossible! That emerged loud and clear in all of the toasts. It was their business passion and silent determination that carried them through every day’s routine; coping using their student’s emotional feelings, their parents, changes in the educational strategies through the years and the demands put on them as leaders of the community. Amazing! Living life with a purpose! Wrecker Service Owasso

While I drove the 405 Freeway on my way home, my mind was flooded with the remembrances of teachers and people I have met as time passes – people who built me up and people who built my kids up. I am the result of so many people which may have influenced my life in positive ways! All the way from my incredible parents to teachers, professors, mentors, dedicated friends, people at large and, most recently, my four awesome children! I actually also though of those with tried to destroy my life! They were doing not succeed but, instead, helped me to grow to see where We needed to strengthen house of my life and just improve! 

When I actually got home I attended my file of quotations and interesting things people and friends send me personally constantly and located a poem. No author was credited for the composition, nevertheless simplicity made my point. It’s entitled “Builders and Wreckers. ”

We watched them tearing a building down,

A bunch of men in a busy town.

With a ho, heave, ho, and a lusty shout

They will swung a beam and a wall fell.

We asked the foreman, “Are these men skilled?

Love the men you’d work with if could onlu build? ”

He laughed as he replied, “No, indeed,

Just common labor is I need.

I can certainly wreck in a day or two

What contractors have taken years to do. ”

I asked myself? nternet site proceeded to go away

Which of these roles have I attempted to play?

Am We a builder who works with care,

Measuring life by rule and sq?

Or am I a wrecker who walks the town

At ease with the work force,, labor force of tearing down?

You see, it takes years, sweat, careful dedication and a sense of goal to build anything; it takes intentionality. On the other hand, it requires a moment to wreck it! It takes vocational enthusiasm, a reason, a heart, a committed mind, skills and professional expertise to build people, a family group, a matrimony and institutions. It requires misleading labor, unrestrained emotions, angriness, wrath, the winds of toxic influence, drugs, liquor, envy and “bulldozers” to wreck it! It will require dedicated, steady love as time passes on a teacher’s part to develop a child’s confidence. It requires a bully’s destructive words to destroy the same child’s self-esteem. It needs years for a parent or guardian to love a young child into maturity. It takes a wrecking, irresponsible act from the same parent to destroy it all. That takes years and time to build anything, but it takes only a few days to damage it all; the idea uses simply one single action!

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