You, Your Marketing Funnel And How To Optimise It To Make Money Online

The marketing funnel provides a journey for your leads. They start as potential clients who are acquiring free information you are providing to them and over time undertake the canal until they finally reach the status of active supporters and workers, that is people who actively buy everything you have to offer, no matter the price. This kind of journey needs deteriorating into several smaller day outings and that is what here is info about.

Stage 1 РThe Top Of The Route As well as your Prospects Clickfunnels cost

The top of your sales direct is to attract prospective customers. Here offer away free items of value in exchange for future turns contact details (normally name and email) so that your prospects become leads. This process of giving out free information continues for some time, it is important not to rush it as you are building trust constantly. 

Stage 2 – Your First Sale: The Prospects Become Buyers

In order to get your first sale offer value but low price. With the trust you gain through stage 1 you should back it up with a suitable product and ensure you offer special discounts and bonuses. This means you are providing more value to them than the price they are paying. Each prospect makes their first purchase they move instantly from your prospect list to you buyer list. You must then offer an upsell, a second sell that will help them with the first. This could end up being a ‘people who bought this also bought that’ type of sales.

Stage 3 – Jooxie is In The Tunnel: Discussing enjoy the journey

Today we’re inside the canal. It is your job to guide customers through the journey. It feels right that the products and services offered get more expensive as you pass through the tunnel so it is critical that actually ask for the deal and always provide the next step. A classic example of a sales route is that of A2z tony Robbins, the world famous motivational guru. He starts off with reasonably priced eBooks, then guides his customers to mid-priced audios followed by workshops, then more engaged training, a platinum collaboration and finally personal instruction. For each step of how, guidance is provided combined with the offer to buy and instructions to get to the next step.

Stage 4 – Evangelical Fans

The end of your tunnel will contain your highest value products. Compared to the top of funnel the quantity of men and women who reach here will be smaller. The value associated with the products will be much higher though and therefore don’t be surprised if the majority of your income comes from here. It is also true that your followers who reach this stage will buy with euphoria your new products and services so congratulations to you for bringing them here.

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